The Held Space network is grounded in a collaborative community of therapists, mindfulness/healing practitioners, and creatives with integrity-guided offerings.

Each member of our network shares common core values: anti-racist, LGBTQIA+ identified/allied, sex-positive, and body neutral.

Laura Temple

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Laura is an ANCC board-certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) and the founder of Held Space.  She provides mindful therapy and prescribes medication for the treatment of a wide range of mental health disorders, including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and PTSD. 

Laura specializes in providing trauma-informed care and working with people who have experienced sexual assault. 

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Brittany Johnston

creative arts therapist

Brittany is a licensed creative arts therapist specialized in treating clients with anxiety, depression and PTSD. With additional training in yoga therapy and EMDR, Brittany uniquely combines a psychodynamic approach with creative practices, mind-body connection and mindfulness meditation. 

Therapy with Brittany is holistic, compassionate and direct. She supports her clients and their journey by empowering them to pursue deep truths and to face the challenges of recovery.

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Alessandra Fabris-Tantawi


Alessandra Fabris-Tantawi LCSW, M.Ed, RYT (she/her) is a licensed clinical social worker, holistic psychotherapist, integrative trauma specialist, sex therapist, educator and yoga teacher. Alessandra supports predominately BIPOC and LGBTQ+ couples, women, individuals and families to navigate life with more ease and consciousness. Alessandra encourages people to unlearn binary thinking, linear cultural narratives, and ascribed societal labels that hinder happiness and a sense of social connection.

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Isabella Levere

Somatic Therapist

Isabella Levere is a somatic psychotherapy practitioner based in Brooklyn. Her practice of somatic therapy is energy and consciousness based. Through this modality, she focuses on healing and transforming negativity and fear into love and self-acceptance. She supports individuals in confronting their personal patterns, in a gentle way, while supporting them to step into their life purpose.

Isabella is grounded, supportive, and holds space without judgment. Isabella studied at the Institute of Core Energetics where she was able to integrate her psychology background and strong intuition into a style of therapy that blends traditional therapies with a body-mind approach. She encourages her clients in their leadership and believes we all can be our own healers.

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Emma Henry

Yoga instructor

Emma’s goal is to help students of all levels deepen their connections with themselves as they move on their mats and through life as ever-evolving beings. Her classes are designed to strengthen your mind-body connection, and build your confidence in being present with yourself, however different that self shows up each day.

Emma offers sweet, slow Yin classes and Vinyāsa flows with groovy playlists, Monday nights.

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Leah Friedlander

Founder | Teacher at Access Yoga

Leah is a yoga teacher and movement lover with a passion for creativity. She sees yoga as a powerful tool for self-awareness, expression, healing, and transformation. The yoga classes she teaches are accessible, inclusive, and fun. Feel empowered to come as you are every time you practice with Leah and maybe uncover something new about yourself in the process.

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Saher Fatteh

Yoga and meditation teacher

Saher is an experienced yoga and meditation teacher based in Brooklyn, NY. Her goal is to empower students with the tools and techniques to find joy on and off the mat.

Her teachings are Hatha based with influences from Katonah Yoga®, meditation and breath work and a focus on thoughtful sequencing and practical adjustments to help students cultivate a sense of openness in life.

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Becca Jacobs

Yoga Instructor & Ripple. Affect Founder

Becca is a yoga instructor and founder of Ripple. Affect, a well-being community based on music, movement, and nature. Amidst her competitive figure skating career she was introduced to yoga, and discovered the magic of movement beyond structured routines. Her connection to free movement deepened as she witnessed music’s ability to move not just bodies but souls at live music shows.

Her classes go beyond mere postures, embracing the structure of music and the freedom to explore within your body, guiding students into a harmonious flow state. Becca teaches traditional vinyasa flows as well as Deadhead & Jam Flows carrying on the spirit of The Grateful Dead and supporting women in the live music community.

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